Bob Bernstock Has Been More Than Twenty Years Of Experience As A Business Leader

Bob Bernstock has been more than twenty years of experience as a business leader and board member with both publicly traded and privately held companies. He has also served in the federal government in Washington DC, where he held a senior position.  Over the course of his career Bob Bernstock has lived in cities across the United States and in Canada, and has served on the boards of local civic and non-profit organizations.  Bob Bernstock is a graduate of Hamilton College and Harvard Business School.

As a business leader of public companies, Bob Bernstock served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Vlasic Foods International, and as President and Chief Operating Officer of Scotts Miracle-Gro. Additionally, Bob Bernstock was Executive Vice President of the Campbell Soup Company and a general manager with the Dial Corporation. When employed by privately held companies, Bob Bernstock was a board member and the President, and Chief Executive Officer with Atlas Commerce, and the vice president of marketing with United Satellite Communications—the nation’s first direct broadcast satellite service.

Over thirteen years with the Campbell Soup Company Bob Bernstock held a number of management positions. These positions included President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company Ltd-Toronto (Canada), President of the International Grocery Division, and President of the U.S. Grocery Division.

While in Washington D.C. Bob Bernstock served from 2008 to 2010 as President of the Mailing and Shipping Services Division of the United States Postal Service. At the time he joined the Postal Service, this division had annual sales revenue of approximately seventy billion dollars. As President, Bob Bernstock orchestrated and provided oversight for the very successful integrated marketing campaign in support of the Priority Mail Flat Rate box. The tagline for this marketing campaign was “a simpler way to ship.”

Bob Bernstock has been a board member with about one dozen publicly traded and privately held companies. A partial list of these companies includes: First Brands Corporation, Vlasic Foods International, the Pantry Inc., VerticalNet, and Atlas Commerce. As a board member with these companies Bob Bernstock has served on the Compensation, Governance and Audit Committees.